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Show your roots!

Hey girl, I know you've missed your hairstylist a lot by now. She misses you, too. I can promise that. Covid-19 has done some serious damage.

You're avoiding all of the mirrors in your house because if you don't, you might grab your tweezers and start pulling out your grays.

Or if you don't have grays, you're really starting to consider box dye. One root touchup with box dye isn't so bad, right? WRONG.

Listen, I know this is hard. I know you haven't seen your natural color in years, and you're really not liking it. I don't know if this will make you feel better, but a lot of hairstylists are in the same boat with you. We can't do each other's hair either, which means we've all got roots!

So, join the #ShowYourRoots challenge. You might as well, what else ya gonna do?

If you're not into sharing to social media what your roots look like, here's a few ways to cover your roots (the safe way) and how to protect your hair color in the mean time.

1. Root cover spray!

This is my first option because it's available now in all colors, and honestly its kinda fun to apply! I even use root cover spray when we're not stuck at home in quarantine - mostly between my own hair color touchups. A few brands that I trust:

R+Co Bright Shadows I love their branding, and their product names are always interesting. This product is a root touchup spray that comes in a range of color options: light blonde, dark blonde, red, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, black. They also offer level options below the colors (for advanced people who know their root levels). You can also send me an email if you'd like me to offer you a personal recommendation. Click the photo above to go to their website & buy some of this delicious smelling, vegan & cruelty free root coverage spray.

Tressa Watercolors Root Concealer Spray If you're a redhead, this brand is probably your best bet for covering your roots. They have a multitude of shades available for a perfect match.

Oribe Airbrush Root Touchup Spray

This brand is known for being expensive, and for good reason. Their products are made with the highest grade ingredients, and this root cover spray is made with a powder, so it is quick drying. A quick drying root spray is nice, especially to make sure it blends well with your hair.

They also offer a "black" option for my ladies with truly black hair!

2. Root covering powder!

If you're like me and you don't love aerosol sprays, you might like a powder instead! The powder actually applies more evenly than spray does, and can be more precise because you use a makeup-like brush to apply it. Color WOW powder is actually waterproof too, so if you sweat a bit with it on, you'll still be covered!

3. Wear a hat or a bandana

I know this isn't the best option, but it is a fun one! Find out if you can still rock that bandana from the 90's that you never got rid of like the ladies below. Or you can finally buy that cute hat that you've been thinking about trying. Maybe you're one of those ladies who can rock a ball cap, do that!

4. Hair scarves & glitter roots. They're in style, and super fun!

Click the picture the right to watch the video of how she got this fun look!

Click the picture of the hair scarf for a quick IGTV video (by Upstyle.Co) showing another cute way you can wear a hair scarf! Go to Etsy & buy yourself one so you can try it out! Buying handmade scarves will help support some small business owners who are making these beautiful and trendy things! You can even find some hair glitter on Etsy too!

5. Protect your color.

Here's a few tips that you can use anytime to protect your hair color!

- Stay away from heat. Don't use the blowdryer, the flat iron, or the curling iron right now. Adding heat to your hair can cause your color to fade, especially without the use of heat protectant, and with continued use.

- Avoid using oils on your hair, unless they're specifically made for hair. You can still use rejuveniqe oil, BRAND name moroccan oil, etc. NOT coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil... you get what I'm saying here. If you can cook with it, don't put it on your hair. These oils will block nutrients from getting to your hair and scalp and can actually suffocate your scalp.

- Seriously, don't touch the box dye. Just don't. Do I even need to go into detail on this one? For those of you who don't know, box dyes contain metallic salts and a plethora of other chemicals that are not only bad for your hair and scalp, but when combined with lightener (like when we try to remove it from your hair at the salon) it can melt your hair. Yes, really. Youtube hair melting with lightener if you don't believe me.

- Use color safe shampoo and conditioner. Try to find a brand that is sulfate and paraben free. I suggest either R+Co, Monat, or Oribe. Send me an email if you want a personal recommendation for your hair's needs!

That's all folks! Thank you!!

I hope this post was helpful and can get you through the next couple of weeks without your hairstylist! We will be back before you know it. I can't wait until then! Thank you for reading & leave me a comment if you have any questions!

You should totally check out my show: The Ditto Podcast for creative entrepreneurs. You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts and on the website, Thank you!! :)


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