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So you wanna grow your hair... here's what you should do.

Here's some key things you should know about growing your hair.

1. PLEASE for the love of all that is holy, get your dang hair cut. I don't know where this got mixed up over the years, but it reminds me of the game "telephone" someone starts with the truth, and by the time it gets to you, it makes no sense. So let me tell you the truth, like we always do at the end of the game; Cutting your hair regularly prevents the split ends from splitting further up the hair shaft. So, the longer you go without getting a hair cut, the more broken hairs, and flyaways you'll have.

So many people come to me saying "well I thought that if I get my hair cut, it'll grow faster." No, dear. Your hair grows from your scalp, and we trim the ends of your hair, so logically that makes no sense. What DOES happen when you get your hair cut regularly, is you prevent the damage from happening in the first place. Trimming off the dead ends stops the hair from splitting, so it can grow out in a healthy way. When your hair finally gets long, you'll be split-end and flyaway free!

2. Make sure you're using good hair products at home. Yes, I'm a hairstylist so you're probably in the notion that I want you to just buy the product from me, so I make money on it. Sorry, in my case that's just not true. I work hard on your hair at the salon, and you spend a lot of money with me just to have it taken care of. Buying good products (Vegan/Vegetarian, cruelty free, and without parabens, sulfates and silicones) only protects your investment that you spent in the salon with me.

Good products will help ensure that your hair stays strong and hydrated after you leave me, so that you can stretch your appointments further (which actually saves you money in the long run!) If you need a recommendation for what your hair needs, you can email me at and tell me what your hair goals and needs are! I'll hook ya up!

3. Do regular hair treatments at home. No matter what time of year it is, your hair needs it. I don't care if its the middle of a steamy hot summer, or dead dry winter. Your hair is lacking something, so why not just give it what it needs? Plus, doing a weekly hair masque is like giving yourself a little at home spa treatment, and it feels good. I do mine on Sundays, and it feels like a little "thank you" to myself. Make sure you're buying good quality hair masques too, not just the $2 ones you can buy at Walgreens (I've tried so many of them on myself, trust me, they're not even worth it.) I personally use Monat's hair masques, they have one for each hair type and every hair need. Do it, because you deserve it.

4. Avoid intense coloring & lightening services. I mean you, I see you, I know you bought that Clairol box lightener from Walgreens. If you really have the itch for coloring your hair, go see a stylist. Then be honest about your previous color history so that we can make a safe color plan that will keep the integrity of your hair as strong as possible. We know what we're doing, and our job is to keep your hair healthy. We'll lead you in the right direction.

These are just a few steps that you can follow to keep your healthy in order for it to grow out long and healthy! There are plenty more, and I'll definitely write on this topic again. I'd love to hear what your biggest takeaway was! Comment below so I know what you liked about this one, and feel free to tell me what you want to learn more about!

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