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Color Services

An in depth consultation is done at each appointment to ensure you will receive the color service that you need to achieve your goals.

All prices are subject to change

depending on the amount of product used.

Girl with all over haircolor.

All Over Color

An all over color service includes permanent or semi-permanent hair color that is formulated specifically for you by Jessie. Then it is applied at your roots and blended through the rest of your hair. This service is perfect for the guest who is looking for a full color change from roots to ends. If you have more than ONE INCH of natural regrowth at your roots, this service is suggested versus a root touchup to maintain the blend of your color.

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Adventurous girl who just colored her hair.

Root touchup

My root touchup service includes customized permanent or semi-permanent hair color applied at your roots only. This is usually for guests who have gray hair thats need to be covered, OR if your all over color has grown out, and your natural roots have grown in. You can have up to 1 inch of natural regrowth at your roots to maintain blended, natural looking color. Otherwise an all over color is necessary.

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Blonde woman with a partial highlight haircolor.

Full or

Partial Highlight

Highlights can be a stand alone service or added onto other color services. These custom highlights are placed to brighten the front and the crown of your head (partial) or to get a brighter end result all over the head from the front hairline to the nape of the neck (full). Partial highlight is suggested for guests who are thinking about lightening their hair color slightly, or in between full highlight services to maintain brightness. All highlighting services include bond builder added to the lightener to keep your hair strong and healthy!

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Woman with natural looking face framing sunkissed highlights.

mini highlight

A mini highlighting service is where I specifically place foils at your hairline to create brightness around your face. Sometimes referred to as "sunkissed" highlights, and are customized just for you and your desires! If you like the idea of a "money piece", make sure you add that into your notes when booking online!

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Woman with sunkissed natural highlights.


A glaze is a semi or demi permanent color usually applied after any highlighting service to achieve the true color that you desire. I utilize color that not only tones your hair, but conditions and shines as well. Glazes are applied at the shampoo sink and sit for 5-15 minutes for optimal results. If you are booking an appointment for highlights online, be sure to add this service as well, it is imperative to achieve your goals for healthy, beautiful hair.

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Woman with red hair color.

Root Smudge

A root smudge is custom formulated semi-permanent hair color applied at your roots after a highlight service. The point of doing this is to blend the roots and highlights together, leaving you without a harsh line of demarcation. This service can be scheduled in conjunction with any highlighting service, as well as in between highlighting appointments to refresh your color and blend the regrowth at your roots.

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corrective haircolor - color correction - haircolor

Corrective color

Color corrections are for any guest who has box dye or hair color that needs to be fixed. The exact process of your color correction is decided at your consultation, so be sure to schedule a consultation before this appointment. My goal is to keep your hair's integrity strong and healthy. Most corrective colors require multiple appointments to reach your desired color. Each appointment generally takes anywhere between 2 and 4 hours, sometimes longer depending on your hair & what your goal is.

Consultation required

Girl with vivid bright haircolor.

Fashion Color

Fashion or vivid colors can be added as an additional service to any highlight service, or can be scheduled as a full service. Be sure to book a consultation before booking any fashion color appointment. Consultation is required to ensure that I have the time and color needed to achieve your goal. Expect to spend a few hours with me, fashion colors generally require 2-4 hour appointments depending on your goal!

Consultation required

Woman with blonde sunkissed natural looking balayage highlights.


ba·lay·age (balāˈyäZH)

Balayage, taken from a french term, which means "to sweep", is a freehand technique in which sections of hair are hand-painted with lightener to create a very customized natural looking highlight. My balayage technique will depend on your goal, and will be determined in an in depth consultation. If you have dark hair (natural or colored), please send an email prior to booking an appointment so that we can work together on creating the proper appointment for your needs.

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