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The wedding day is a sacred, and beautiful day. I am honored to spend time with friends and family on such an important day in your life. Spending the morning with me will prepare everyone in your party for the wonderful and busy day ahead. I promise to listen to your needs, and help you enjoy your morning. No two styles are the same, because the women wearing them are all unique in their own way. I will customize the styles for each bridal attendant as you desire. I am so grateful that I get to be a part of the beauty and fun of your bridal morning. I love the way the hairspray seems to settle, to the giggles that always follow mimosa toasts, and the final look once the dresses are donned. I just love it all, and I can't wait to spend the morning of your wedding with you!

If you'd like to book your wedding with me, please email with your name, the date of your wedding and the number of people in your bridal party who will be needing hair services.

I will contact you shortly with my availability, as well as schedule a call to review details and set up your bridal trial!

Note: many of these styles are done on brides that I did while working for Upstyle Co. I am a bridal stylist for them, but I also take weddings on my own! If I cannot accommodate you on your wedding day, I will recommend that you contact them to see if any of my talented friends are available instead!

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